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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away – well, 1992 in London to be exact, as we couldn’t find Tatooine – The first CeX (Complete Entertainment Exchange), then known as the easy off the tongue ‘Tottenham Court Road Computer Exchange’ opened in a small shop at the top of Whitfield Street. Tucked behind the top end of Tottenham Court Road – London’s electronics and computer heartland – CeX’s mix of cheap second hand games, hard to find Japanese and US imports and computer bits and bobs, soon found a fanatically loyal band of customers dubbed affectionately as custies.

Fast Forward 20 years and over 200 stores spanning five countries…

All of our ever changing products and prices can be found on our website WeBuy.com. All sales come with a 12 month warranty like with our stores. Want to sell us something? Search webuy.com for an instant quote. Want to know if a certain product is in stock at a certain store? Search webuy.com.

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