Connect. Innovate. Succeed.

The way we create businesses is changing. Collaborating with others, sharing knowledge and supporting each other throughout the process is now a vital step in creating new start-ups.

Loughborough University are launching an exciting pilot for pre/early start-ups to grow in a supportive and collaborative environment in a dedicated incubator on campus within LUSEP, the University’s Science and Enterprise Park. It’s open to doctoral researchers, staff, alumni, T1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa holders and local entrepreneurs with big ambitions for businesses.

The ideal launch pad

Co-working space with likeminded peers

Your own desk and storage space

Breakout space, kitchen and meeting rooms

Internet and business rates included

Extensive facilities, special rates

As part of the established innovation community at LUSEP, you will be able to take advantage of the University’s business support and extensive amenities and facilities.

 It’s called the Campus Partner Offer – all the perks of the campus, accessible from your new business space.

The support you need

The aim to offer wide-ranging support that will benefit all the early-stage business that are part of the new initiative. This will include business support, mentoring, inspiring events and access
to funding.

By joining the incubator’s pilot phase, you will help to devise this comprehensive support package.

Join early, pay less

As the incubator develops, the price will change in line with the support and facilities you receive.Prices below are provided as a guide and do not include VAT:

Pilot Phase: 6 months at £70 per month

Launch: 12 months at £120 per month

Full access provision: Ongoing £150 per month


Megan Powell Vreeswijk