Launch of Local Digital Guide for Loughborough

Love Loughborough’s incredibly successful loyalty app brings a new feature which promises to promote the town and deliver vital information to both locals and tourists alike.

LoyalFree is an innovative digital loyalty scheme which helps businesses attract new customers via a profile showcasing their offers, reviews, images and more. It pulls together all the vital information for an area, allowing users to benefit from using just one app for the whole of the UK.

Love Loughborough’s successful partnership with app developers LoyalFree has enabled Loughborough to be LoyalFree’s first town to link a local guide within the actual loyalty app.

The exciting new development, the ‘Local Guide’ is now up and running for those using the app in Loughborough. The guide provides a mass of information on the area including key attractions, a map, parking information, local weather, events, offers and more. Simply open the menu on the LoyalFree app and click on ‘Your Local Guide’ to find out more.

Lisa Brown, BID Manager at Love Loughborough, said: ‘The businesses and customers love the app and we are continuously looking for ways to add useful information to it. The local guide helps provides all the information a visitor to the town needs to enhance their experience of Loughborough.’

Jason Nesbitt, who created the app from scratch, said: ’This new feature to the app allows us to showcase the town as a whole; the attractions it has to offer and the exciting events it holds.’ LoyalFree Co-Founder Sophie Hainsworth adds ‘Visitors to the town can now get all the information they need from one place which saves time and effort, encouraging people to visit and engage with the area.’

If you’re a BID levy payer in Loughborough please email for details of how you can get involved in the scheme.


If you’re a resident of, or visitor to, the town then download the app for free and start saving money at local businesses: