Loughborough town centre is to host its first street art festival this weekend

 Loughborough is host to the first Colorit Street Art Festival which is coming to Loughborough’s Derby Square on Saturday 13th-14th October 2018 from 9:30am throughout the day.

A range of 15 talented street artists will be transforming Derby Square, located near the Carillon Car Park, and the vacant kiosk on Market Street with their individual touch of street art. Lead by local artist, Dan Smith, who kicked off Loughborough’s spray can art revolution in 2013 with the 3.5 metre high graffiti elephant on Pete’s Pizzeria.
Buber Nebz, whose real name is Dan Smith, is also known for producing such works as the Lego Men and Edward Scissorhands.

Dan recently approached Love Loughborough BID with ideas to transform vacant shop fronts with street art being spray painted directly onto shop windows. However, seeking permissions from local landlords and agents was proving difficult until Baljit Kooner, Carillon Court Shopping Centre Manager, came to the rescue and gave permission for the boards outside the Carillon Car Park and one of the vacant kiosks to be used for the project.


Also backed by local policeman, PC Gary Bailey, Love Loughborough gave the thumbs up for the festival with a view to create an additional event in 2019 once further permissions could be sought.


Lez Cope-Newman, Chair of Love Loughborough, said “We are delighted to sponsor this first time festival which we hope will create galleries of art to attract interest and visitors to the town as well as enhancing the street scene. We hope to seek further permissions for other areas of the town, as well as long standing vacant units, for a further event in 2019”


Artwork will include some classic comic book art in line with the 2018 Loogabarooga Festival theme which kicks off 18th to 24th October.

The event will be a public event so feel free to come and have a browse and get chatting to some of the local talent. 

The event is sponsored by Love Loughborough BID


Full details can be found at: www.loveloughborough.co.uk or Facebook


Details on Loogabarooga can be found at http://loogabarooga.co.uk/