Love Loughborough Poem

Local resident, Stuart Taylor, has sent in this wonderful poem he has written for Love Loughborough…We hope you enjoy it!

Love Loughborough

Oh thee old beautiful market town of Loughborough,

Sat perfect within the Charnwood bowl.

A town steeped in age old history, a town full of character, a town that’s full of heart and soul.

Now Loughborough is a large town, large enough to cope, but also small enough to care.

Loughborough’s full great attractions, cinemas, shops and night life and every year the great November fair.

Every Thursday we have a market and Saturday we have one too.

Where you hear the cries of best bananas among the shouts of lovely strawberries with a quality that’s best for you.

Every second Wednesday, it’s the turn of farmers market where they sell there fresh veggie’s and there goods.

And every Friday there’s vintage market, selling antiques and collectables and things that craftsmen have made out of wood.

With fashion boutiques and salons and high street names and stores to boot.

Loughborough has it all, every fashion sense to cater for and every fashion sense to suit.

Loughborough has lots of coffee shops, tea rooms and eateries where to meet friends and have a talk.

Loughborough’s is surrounded by beautiful country side, with lots of beautiful nature walks.

If you need take a rest, you can find peace in the beautiful surroundings of Queens Park and see the tropical birds, that live there while singing on there perches

Or if you like to worship God upon a Sunday Loughborough is a blessed place, with lots of beautiful loving churches.

Loughborough’s always growing and Loughborough has lots to offer and lots to give.

Loughborough’s right in the middle of the country and Loughborough town is a brilliant place to live.

In the town we a bell foundry, John Taylors who made the bell, that rings out from the cathedral of st Pauls.

And we proudly have the sock man that sits right out the front of our great town hall.

Loughborough’s a town of business and we have a sports uni that’s world renowned.

But ask an Australian say our name and loogabarooga shall be the sound.

And for all the young at heart, Loughborough’s nightlife is vibrant its fun and it’s bright.

With lots of clubs and late night bars, for you to party dance away the night.

Loughborough has lots of history, first mention in 1086 written within the dooms day book.

In 1841, Loughborough was the first package tour destination by the now famous and renowned Mr. Thomas cook.

So come on down to Loughborough, come and put us to the test.

Come see us in October, when we will be holding the great Loogabarooga fest.

So yes I do love Loughborough and I’ll shout it from the roof tops above.

I hope you’ll come and join us and share in some good old Loughborough love.