Implementing COVID 19 measures in the workplace webinar

You are invited to attend a webinar on Implementing COVID-19 measures in the workplace.

Join this webinar to hear from a large business Covid-19 panel on how big business ideas can apply to small businesses when it comes to restarting and beginning to trade again.

The webinar will feature insight from companies that have already acted and a Q&A panel to answer questions about implementing Covid-19 measures in the workplace. The panel can support smaller businesses by sharing best practise, overcoming initial hiccups that could be prevented and embedding new practises with employees.

Samworth Brothers, Dunelm and PPL PRS have been adhering to social distances rules for several weeks and are happy to share their experiences to aid other businesses that are planning to re-open, particularly in terms of practical advice, ideas and solutions.

This webinar will help participants consider how they can implement Covid-19 measures in the workplace and cover topics such as:

•          Why are risk assessments important?
•          How to conduct a risk assessment effectively
•          What measures need to be put in place?
•          How to communicate guidelines to all employees
•          How to address employee concerns
•          Changing working patterns

And more…..

Who Should Attend:
Businesses who want to implement the most effective measures and strategies to restart their business safely.

About the Panel:
Our panellists are from a range of sectors covering manufacturing, retail and services.  We also have an independent health and safety expert who can provide advice for any sector.

  • Jackie Wooldridge, Health and Safety Director at Samworth Brothers
  • Chris McHugh, Factory Manager at Dunelm
  • Rowland Sandys, Head of Technology and Kevin Underdown, Head of HR at PPL PRS Limited
  • Michael Ellerby, Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner and Director at LRB Consulting Limited

If you wish to submit your questions in advance please send them to before 10am on Friday 22 May.  You will also be able to ask questions during the live event.

To reserve your place Click Here or if you are unable to attend please Click Here.

If you have any questions please email or call 0116 366 8487.