Professional Development Day – British BIDs

British BID’s held a Professional Development Day on Wednesday 26th April with Nottingham BID hosting the event.

Some key areas where we can learn from the presentation include:


  1. Green Agenda – Green Strategies will become increasingly more important.
    1. Parklet concept to develop ‘green’ areas in typically run down areas or areas which attract ASB. Concept aims at reducing ASB through pride of place – ASB should not be a barrier to improving public realm.
    2. Creation of a specific green/bee highway using art – concentrating on a street with a high number of independents to create a high footfall walkway …… Rail to Retail


  1. Crime Reduction
    1. Nottingham BID is also currently aiming towards BCRP accreditation and renewing Purple Flag accreditation. Rich Lane, Nottingham BID BCRO, has agreed to meet with Ioni to share best practice and help with some tips in overcoming barriers to achieved accreditation
    2. Best Bar None – possible scheme for Loughborough ? Very successful in Nottingham
    3. Development of Retail Crime Group (shop watch) – Use Police officers to help promote the scheme for higher take up. Again, Rich Lane has offered to discuss ways of engagement with the day time economy for DISC membership and crime reduction.
    4. Safe Space Pledge – ways to promote safe spaces


  1. Supporting the Evening Economy
    1. Top tips for helping businesses in the NTE sectors including providing information on licensing, café licences, Pub Watch, campaigns etc through website and/or welcome pack
    2. Having a clear understanding of the barriers the NTE sector faces. Ensure relevant BID staff are ‘trained’ / aware of the legislation around premises licences to be able to support businesses – Ioni to contact Sylvia Oates to request a copy of her Action Plan for the Nottingham NTE Group


  1. Update from Colchester BID
    1. Interesting to see how they are moving their branding from two separate brands (B2B and B2C) and merging into one customer facing brand
    2. BID Video – they have a great promotional video for Colchester – something for us to pick up – Sam / Kelly to action
    3. Colchester have purchased VISA data from British BIDs. Cost is 3 tiered £3K, £5K & £7K per annum respectively. Lisa to get details.
    4. Colchester BID are creating a online portal for Leisure / NTE businesses where they can download relevant forms, licence info, evets & info on crime reporting – Ioni to follow up
    5. Training – They offer vulnerability training to businesses through their Crime Liaison Officer
    6. Indies Route – Identified a business ambassador on each major street / area the create a Indies Group with each Street Ambassador feeding back into the group as a representative for their area.


  1. Nottingham BID – Brand repositioning.
    1. Rebranding to become more B2C. Loosing the ‘Nottingham BID’ brand moving towards the more customer focussed ‘It’s in Nottingham’
    2. Developing a city centre app. Not dissimilar to Loughborough’s LoyalFree App.
    3. Rebrand includes website & social media platforms


  1. Business Engagement – LoyalFree research findings
    1. Face to Face the most effective form of engagement – strong correlation with the need for on the street BID ambassadors / rangers / liaison officers
    2. Other BIDs are re-training their ‘ambassadors’ to be more sales led and customer focussed rather than leading on crime & safety.
    3. Where possible, BIDs have moved towards a Crime Reduction Officer to deal with crime at a higher level and use Ambassadors for face to face engagement with businesses to cover support where needed and promote the BID’s campaigns and benefits
    4. CRM systems really important to record engagement and interactions. Solomon quoted as a good example (which is our CRM system)

Further Details can be found HERE