These are projects and services that market and promote the town centre by delivering a wide range of events and activities, by researching the behaviour of shoppers and visitors and by targeting specific groups.

They will help to make Loughborough a destination of choice for our natural catchment area, as well as for visitors and tourists from further afield. This theme is extremely important to businesses and it yields the most value in terms of footfall and spend within the BID area.

We want many more events and activities in the town centre to bring it to life more often and for longer. We will work with the two Councils to make the delivery and management of events more straightforward and to encourage third parties to put on events too.

More Events

Implementing and supporting annual events.

Smarter Marketing

Extending, targeting and enhancing our approach to marketing.

Free Wi-Fi

Tracking consumer behaviour in the town centre.

Car Parking Offers

Increasing footfall and retail spend in Loughborough

The Website

Continuously improving and expanding our online presence.

Loyal Free App

Advertise your business, increase sales and reward your best customers with the Love Loughborough Loyalty App and Card.

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