Are you a business that hasn’t applied for your support grant yet?

Small businesses are yet to claim more than £13 million in government Coronavirus support are being urged to apply online now.

Charnwood Borough Council is contacting 1,243 businesses who haven’t applied for a grant, after distributing more than £19.2 million to over half of eligible businesses across the borough.

The Government has created two grant funds for businesses, one for those directly impacted from the hospitality, leisure and retail industry, and another for those that already receive business rate discounts.

The Council has issued grants to 1,525  businesses since April 1, but not all of the 2,768 companies entitled to support have come forward.

Grants of either £10,000 or £25,000 are available to businesses that already get rate relief or are in sectors most affected by the national lockdown – such as shops, restaurants, gyms, beauticians and estate agents.

To claim the grant payment, businesses need to fill in an online registration form on the Council website  It does not take long to complete and will help ensure that payments only go to those businesses that are eligible and in most need.



Kelly Hill
Author: Kelly Hill