BID Ambassador

Celine the BID Ambassador

We are sad to announce that our BID Ambassador, Celine Patel, will be regrettably leaving us on the 21st October due to her own personal circumstances. Celine has been a valued member of the Love Loughborough team since she started in May 2019, and has overseen some significant projects in the time she has been working with Love Loughborough BID.

We will start the recruitment process for a new BID Ambassador contract in the coming days to ensure the continuity of the Ambassador duties. All BID businesses will continue to receive the services delivered by this role.

We will post a link to the new vacancy on indeed, our website and our social media channels, so watch this space.

We will keep you up to date with our recruitment efforts in the coming weeks and look forward to inviting a new member into the Love Loughborough team.

Myself, the Love Loughborough Team and the Board Directors would like to take this opportunity to wish Celine all the best and hope that her time with Love Loughborough BID has helped developed her skills and expertise for a successful career in the future. Celine has taken the BID Ambassador role in a strong direction and has made a significant impact in achieving our aspirations set out in the role.

Lez Cope-Newman, Love Loughborough BID Chairman