Leicester Business Festival FREE Online Event – Tourism Trends

Tourism Trends – Are you embracing changing consumer behaviour and

 future-proofing your business?

When : 9th November 10:25- 12:00

When consumers adopted new lifestyles to cater to the isolated pandemic world

around them, many of these new behaviours stuck. Marketing to these consumers is no

longer the same as it was, but are we doing enough to keep up?

Leading trends expert Simon Jones of Navigate will outline the key tourism trends that

we need to be aware of for the success of our businesses in the future.

Following on from this will be a series of short sessions from industry experts on how

to embrace some of those trends and reach customers in the most effective way.

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This online event will help you identify future trends in tourism, equip you with the

 knowledge to improve digital sales and marketing and support you to future-proof your

operations by adopting sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint, save costs and

offer authentic local experiences to customers.

Kelly Hill
Author: Kelly Hill