The Loughborough BID Bike & Trike Show is back!

Taking place in Loughborough Market Place on Sunday 29th September 2024 this popular event attracts bike enthusiasts from across the Midlands.  Bikes and trikes of all sizes, shapes, makes and models and ages will be on show by their proud owners who will be more than happy to tell you all about their vehicles.

Come along for a free day out for all the family!

credit Arthur Brown Images

credit Arthur Brown Images

If you own a bike/trike that you’d like to bring along to this event, use the form below to register your bike/s.  If you would like a stall for motorcycle jumble/collectables or memorabilia visit

Please note that by registering your motorcycle/s you are agreeing to our T&Cs.

Your bike/trike needs to be parked on the show area by 9.45am and you understand it cannot be moved until 4pm. This complies with Leicestershire County Council’s Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in our pedestrianised area and will ensure the safety of you and the public.

You or the club are responsible for YOUR own vehicle including content or display items. Keys must be removed and vehicles stood safety.

The event aims to show Bike and Trikes to the full potential to the pubic who may not understand the etiquette of careful viewing. Event Staff are on call for advice and support. It is your responsibility to watch your own vehicle.  

Ensure you have adequate insurance for displaying your bike/trike.  

You cannot ride your bike/trike from the event area until 4pm.

If bikes or trikes need to leave within the hours of 10am and 4pm please contact a member of the Event Staff so that we can ensure this is completed in a safe manner. As part of our safety and security risk assessment No Vehicle will be allowed to move without consent of the Event Site Manager

When exiting the event, the correct head gear must be worn and road and traffic laws must be adhered to by all Bikers attending.

When exiting the event as part of the Exit Parade or by yourself, you must endeavour to ensure that you do not cause any noise or traffic violation as this could affect future shows.

Please be courteous to other bike users. The event will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour and you may be asked to leave or the Police contacted if you do not adhere to this.

NB All information was correct at time of printing – you will be informed of any changes.

Full instructions will be sent to you ahead of the event.