A ground-breaking augmented reality project has started in Loughborough!

A Window to Reality is a public art project that is turning town centre shop windows into a walk-by augmented reality (AR) gallery!

Engaging directly with the decline of town centre shopping the project repurposes the windows of disused shops. The windows are turned into portals for viewing art.

Through this project the streets of the town become an alternative, curated venue for broader, unexpected exposure to the arts.
By pointing a digital device with the Graffio Arts app at the art on the windows and extra layer of reality appears. Viewers are shown the artist creating the work with an audio description by the artist.

Viewers are offered a glimpse of creativity often reserved for a gallery space as they go about their daily lives.
The combination of convenience and the exposure to the creative practice of artists seeks to flatten the learning curve often associated with engagement and the understanding of the arts.

Check out https://graff.io/

Kelly Hill
Author: Kelly Hill