A message from the Loughborough Police…

Good Afternoon,

Loughborough Town Centre has seen an increase in youth related ASB over the last fortnight especially around McDonalds, Market Place. Some of the faces are not familiar to Police and appear to be influenced by some of the more problematic individuals that are also present. The age range of those involved is 13 to 17

This message is two fold:

1: If you encounter any issues whilst in the Town, please can you report it to us via the usual channels, we would be really keen to speak with you if you have been affected.

2: I know this will not relate to many but do you know where your child is between 3pm and 8pm and who they are with? Please ensure they are not involved in any of the issues in the Town. I would hate to see them influenced by a minority of youths which could land them in trouble.

Kind Regards

Sgt 2893 James Thomas




Kelly Hill
Author: Kelly Hill