Loughborough is set to get deep cleaned!

Love Loughborough BID is set to give the streets of Loughborough’s town centre a deep clean to remove the dirt, grime and mounting up chewing gum that is present on the pavements and pedestrianised area of the town.

BID Ambassador, Celine Patel, has been patrolling the streets of Loughborough every day to produce full environmental site reports on issues which effect the appearance of our town. It was immediately evident that the town’s pavements and public areas, especially around seating, bus stops and bins, were in a poor state of cleanliness. Chewing gum and general grime has accumulated making the streets look dirty and unappealing. BID decided to take action after analysing the Ambassador’s weekly environmental reports which were clearly highlighting the build up of grime. After completing comprehensive site surveys, two contractors have been appointed to gum clean and hot wash the highly effected and key areas in the town.

The works are due to commence on Monday July 8th with a programmed contract of street cleansing throughout the Summer months. The areas that have been identified in the town to be deep cleaned will include High Street, Baxter Gate, Market Place, Swan Street, Wards End and parts of Market Street and Church Gate plus spot clean areas around seating, bins and bus stops.

The BID Ambassador will continue to identify issues in the town centre and look at ways BID can resolve the issues by reporting problems to the relevant organisations who are responsible for maintaining our town centre.

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