ShopAppy are offering their services for FREE

This could be incredibly useful for some people in Loughborough. Please see below from ShopAppy incase this could help you or someone you know.

“Given the situation, you may have seen that has adapted from digital shop window to offering a local delivery solution and has implemented online events and activity bookings to support communities and businesses to stay connected.

We are offering full use of this service for at least 3 months for FREE.

We are very concerned, as I am sure you are, about the potential impact on local economies and communities if businesses do not adapt and work together. Several small businesses are offering individual deliveries, but over a long period, this is unlikely to be sustainable. Having fragmented offerings are confusing for customers too and they are responding very favourably to having a single check out, collection and delivery option in our areas as well as a phone ordering line.

Site traffic has experienced an exponential increase over the last few days and by next week 20 more towns will have joined the platform. We want to help you to help your businesses to get through this.

  • There are 3 easy steps to get started.
  • We have all the communications materials you need.
  • Your area can be set up within an hour, and you can have the town set up in 1-2 days.
  • There is no minimum number of businesses or maximum.
  • There is no commission on sales.
  • The site enables people to buy products as well as book (online) activities and events.
  • We have clear guidance to help businesses consider how they can package and (re)package what they do.
  • We have marketing support for when you are live.

This could be a lifeline for your businesses and a way for us all to help safeguard the character and uniqueness of our local town and city centres. We are doing all we can. If you would like to join us or find out more, please email “

Kelly Hill
Author: Kelly Hill